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Sat, October 20, 2018

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New Online Newspaper Software Gives Competitive Advantage
January 15, 2008

On-line newspapers have revolutionized the news media. What was once market domination by print publications has now crumbled and turned into a global turf-war. Once monolithic fiefdoms, the incumbents are now battling with virtual enemies who rise up randomly around them. On-line readers become fair-weather friends who flock to the next best thing. Does your on-line publication have the stickiness required to pull in readers and keep them there?

New on the scene is FlexPortal™ News, an online newspaper publishing platform complete with all the bells and whistles plus one more trick up its sleeve, it allows the reader to customize their own page. Not only can they select and rearrange the news sections they wish to view, but they can add their own links, pick their colors, and even their typeface. These features were tested over a period of 3 years on a website with virtually no content of its own. At the end of 3 years, the site had 12,000 registered users, a tribute to the feature set.

Imagine a content-rich publication with the same features. Reader loyalty is bolstered, and traffic increases are felt all the way to the bottom line. Why not give yourself a competitive advantage with FlexPortal™ News?


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